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Get 10% off all productions until the 15th November ’13!

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What I've been up to.. Green Screen shooting and a Wedding at Hampton Court Palace!

Had another hectic week of filming for a compositing project, this time with a make shift green screen studio in my garden! Keep up with the blog to see the work in progress and the final product; a UFO film trailer! I’m compositing it together in The Foundry Nuke, the industry standard 3D compositing software for film and television, first designed for James Cameron’s ‘Titanic’, and more recently used to create the amazing landscapes in Avatar, for the VFX in Iron Man and so many more!
I was also filming the wedding of Andy and Ting at Hampton Court Palace! It was my first outdoor ceremony which was fantastic with the great weather we’re having, as well as having beautiful decorations and the couple were just fantastic! Plus, the grooms god father is Theo Paphetis who was a lovely chap to film! Follow and share for more fun!

Look! A UFO! What I was doing today..

Today I had the pleasure of working with Glen Symes, who has worked with many on many projects before. I was shooting the footage for a compositing project in The Foundry Nuke; gotta make a film trailer and use nodal based post production for effects and grading, which will be interesting! I’m importing all the footage now to make a rough cut in Adobe Premiere, export as AVI uncompressed (720p HD) and then read into Nuke to add the visual effects; a space ship/ufo perhaps, as well as chroma keying and grading to give it a filmic look.