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I’ve been quiet on the old WP blog recently, this is only due to a migration from my old website to a new system with Squarespace, which has allowed me to import my entire blog from here, into my new website!

I won’t be closing this blog/account, so I am still reachable with your messages and comments, but I will be posting from my new website at so please go and check it out!

Keep those creative juices flowing, much love 🙂

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Elcartino's Miscellany

As a professional creative (of sorts) who has always had, erm, issues, shall we say, about actually knuckling down and getting anything finished, I’m always impressed when other people actually get something done. There are countless half-written novels in the world, and most of them are sitting on the hard-drive of this laptop, hoping for me to one day get back to them. I won’t. There are enough unsung songs in my head to make a dozen albums of middling country-folk twaddle that will never see the light of day.

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Using Magic Lantern on 5D mark III firmware 1.2.3… Help!

I am very keen to hear from any Canon 5D owners that have successfully loaded Magic Lantern onto their mk III with the firmware version 1.2.3. This update is the most recent, and fixed a number of ‘phenomenons’ which can be found on Canon’s site.

ImagePhoto from Magic Lantern website.

From what I have seen on the vast internet that most creatives using ML on the mark III have rolled back their firmware to 1.1.3, which is the most up to date fw ML can install on. The results are fantastic, especially for shooting RAW; a particular interest of mine.

ImagePhoto from EOSHD website.

If you’ve ever installed Magic Lantern before, you would have seen on the complete screen details of a ‘Bootflag’ which had been successfully changed to allow ML to run.

The problem now occurs that with the recent Canon firmware update to 1.2.3 they changed something to do with the ‘Bootflag’ making it difficult for ML to be loaded onto the camera.

I know nothing about programming and developing so most of what is discussed in this forum is jargon to me, but it looks like it will take some time and very smart coders to work around this rather unhelpful nudge away from 3rd party hacks to develop Magic Lantern to run on the new firmware.

Why don’t I roll back my firmware to 1.1.3 you ask? I don’t want to! It was installed by Canon for a reason, to make the camera as best as it can be, and I would rather avoid stepping back a number of versions just in case it compromises the camera and my work. As you know, I’m a videographer so photo updates aren’t too important to me, but it is all key to keeping the camera functioning properly.

For anyone owning a Canon camera, please install Magic Lantern on it, it is an incredible plug in to assist your video and photo needs, providing you with great solutions to make shooting on a DSLR easier. You can learn more and download it here! Remember to support them too!

Please get in touch if you have been successful installing ML on firmware 1.2.3, I need you!!

Wonderful SWPP email, Rotolight + more!

I just got a fantastic email from a photographer I got chatting to at SWPP about video! It’s great to offer help and tips in such a vast industry – so if you’re looking for any info about video on DSLR, equipment, conferences, cinematography, audio, graphics.. Just check out previous posts!

Another positive; Rotolight (design and manufacture of the awesome circular LED lights) are sending a review kit of their new Rotolight LED light and microphone!

Also, the last components for my custom PC built should arrive today, so the next time I post shall be from a multimedia supercomputer!!Image

Elf vs Santa: This is how it’s done…

Awesome making of with the MOVI stabilizer rig!

Mike Buonaiuto

There’s nothing better than seeing your colleagues do something that pushes the boundaries and makes you jealous. Director / Producer Mike Staniforth (Apisode) and Leighton Cox (LoveAlwaysWins) have teamed up with the awesome talents from Papertwin, demonstrating what the hottest gear in the industry right now (Iron Bird and Movi) can do to tart up the old ‘xmas card video.’ The results, throw in a pair of freerunners in Santa and Elf costumes – and you got yourself some epic looking footage.

People. This is how it’s done. Introducing #SantaVsElf…

Take a look Behind The Scenes courtesy of Ric Jones below:

Never mind the naughty list… the these guys should be on everyone’s list to work with in 2014… Brilliant work guys 🙂 And Merry Christmas!

Full twitter credits below: (go follow them!)









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Bublcam, a 360 degree video camera, closes successful crowdfunding campaign

Got to get me one of these now the crowdfunding is complete!


You’ve seen videos, 3D photos, live streaming and footage taken from a drone. But have you ever seen 3D video live streaming from a drone?

The Bublcam is a ball that shoots 3D photos and videos, and its creators at Bubl recently released a video the camera shot while hanging from a drone. It’s pretty cool; as the drone takes flight, you can pan in any direction.


While Bublcam is the first 360-degree camera to incorporate live streaming, its real strength is its price and toughness. Today is the last day to grab one on Kickstarter, where units are available for just less than $500.

Roughly the size of a baseball, the camera shoots 14 megapixel photos and high-definition video. An included app can be used to control factors like zoom and saturation, plus browse galleries of photos and videos.

Unlike the Panono camera, which is a…

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the holi-grail gift guide, part I: snap happy camper.

For all my family and friends.. Read and assume!

quasi | on | stilts

After spending the previous week filling our stomachs and emptying our wallets, its time to buckle down and start (if you haven’t already) getting gifts together for Christmas! Come on people, there’s ONLY 22 DAYS AND COUNTING OMGWTFAGHHHHH!

[are we over the pandemonium yet? no?]

I’m not the biggest fan of ‘The Holidays’ simply because A)its a bit too upbeat and happy-happy-joy-joy for my temperament, and B)guys, Halloween is barely over and Christmas fills the air like the pungent odor of a rotting corpse. Yay. Can we please hit the breaks?

While I’m not the bah-humbug type, I wouldn’t mind so much if it wasn’t for the CONSTANT IN YOUR FACE COMMERCIALISM for the last quarter of the year.

But, since I have a non-Brown boyfriend who’s family has graciously made me one of them, haha, I do celebrate Christmas to as much of an extent possible without my needing…

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Digital Photography: dSLR or Smartphone Technology?

aggregation station

Image As Jason Perlow reminds us, the best camera is the one you always have with you.

ImageIn what seems to be the peak of our digital age, the smartphone’s evolution surpasses the dSLR in convenience. A recent blog by RJandC shows us just that when a trip out west was reason to bring along the dSLR. But it never left the suitcase. Instead, the blogger used an iPhone 5s to capture moments from the trip. And truly? They’re not too shabby.

Have smartphones made the dSLR camera a non-entity? There are supporters on both sides of the argument.

Information Week reported that dSLR shipments will drop from 19.1 million last year to 17.4 million this year, a 9.1 percent decrease. But is that reason enough for big names like Nikon and Canon to be worried?

Ken Yeung says no. Although the Next Web blogger believes smartphone technology…

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Loosen Up!

So very true! Being more flexible will allow your creativity to flow 😀

/// Exploring Video Production

Some of the best advice I’ve ever received:

Don’t take yourself too seriously.

It’s a simple concept, but so many of us forget how to loosen up. We focus on the priorities:

  • Maintain a routine
  • Learn the ins and outs of our craft
  • Be ahead of the curve
  • Find our competitive edge

When it comes to rigidity and perfectionism, I’m guilty. Especially in the realm of video production. Getting that perfect angle, the crisp cut, or the right color balance: it’s wise to set standards.

But don’t let them govern you.

Over the weekend, I spent some quality time with friends in the city. I took my camera and had no objectives. No rules, no standards, no plans. These were my priorities:

  • Have fun
  • Enjoy the company of friends
  • Make memories
  • Be spontaneous

I made sure to document the day with both photos and videos. And I learned an invaluable…

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Music Video Production Manchester Companies Assist in Creating Affordable Music Videos

Videos & Graphics Production

Shooting music videos is never an expensive affair when you seek assistance of music video production Manchester companies. For, these companies offer excellent assistance in creating affordable music videos. Typically speaking, the process is all about using multiple cameras and generating visually interesting content. It comprises of all the rightful elements like getting the audio recorded by a pro sound engineer who uses multiple tracks and mixes it appropriately to produce a richer sound track.

The music video production Manchester companies mostly have a team of well trained and highly qualified technicians. This team is responsible for creating a music video that gives a visual presentation of a particular song. Apart from creating music videos, this team offers specialized services such as writing for music videos, video editing, developing video for the internet, coverage of live shows, and more.

The music video production industry is highly labour-intensive in nature. In…

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