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Getting more impressed by the 5DmkIII every minute!

I’m flying through the behind the scenes edit of CJ’s Booty Camp for SWPP conference, and getting blown away by the sharpness and quality of the image of the mkIII. Continuing on my post from earlier, I am used to shooting on the 60D so nearly every new shot I look at taken on the mkIII is wowing me every time.

Check out this quick screenshot, footage is without any colour correction just to show how impressed I am! Both these shots were taken with the Sigma 70-200mm F/2.8 HSM OS APO.

behind the scenes


About Adam Plowden Videography

Adam Plowden is a videographer and motion graphics artist from Surrey. He graduated with a 1st BSc. Hons in Television and Video Technology, after realizing his creative passion for media. Being a motivated opportunist, he’s had the pleasure of working with many companies and brands producing cinematic immersive videos and media, gaining industry experience, a vast skill set and recognition in the industry; recently winning an honorary membership to the IET and the Engineering Student Award from the IABM.

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