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After spending the previous week filling our stomachs and emptying our wallets, its time to buckle down and start (if you haven’t already) getting gifts together for Christmas! Come on people, there’s ONLY 22 DAYS AND COUNTING OMGWTFAGHHHHH!

[are we over the pandemonium yet? no?]

I’m not the biggest fan of ‘The Holidays’ simply because A)its a bit too upbeat and happy-happy-joy-joy for my temperament, and B)guys, Halloween is barely over and Christmas fills the air like the pungent odor of a rotting corpse. Yay. Can we please hit the breaks?

While I’m not the bah-humbug type, I wouldn’t mind so much if it wasn’t for the CONSTANT IN YOUR FACE COMMERCIALISM for the last quarter of the year.

But, since I have a non-Brown boyfriend who’s family has graciously made me one of them, haha, I do celebrate Christmas to as much of an extent possible without my needing…

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