Definitely agree with Vox here, especially as I’ve done the research into hiring vs buying. Check out my post later today for my thoughts 🙂

2-Perf Mind

I admit, something magnificent can happen when a big-budget movie goes entirely off the rails into total bizarreness (e.g. Playtime, Dune, Lola Montès).

But as a general rule of thumb, when you borrow lots of money to make your picture it means extra pressure to keep things crowd-pleasing and “safe”. If you prefer to see risky and unexpected new ideas, you’re much more likely to find them in low-budget indie films (or certain genre filcks).

Even if everyone on a film production works for free,  just the costs of 35mm filmstock alone inevitably add up to tens of thousands of dollars—even in 2-perf! And while video slashes those costs, for  years that meant accepting visuals which looked pretty harsh and cheap.

But wow, is the world ever changing fast.

Monte Hellman shot Road to Nowhere in 2010: an odd little film-within-a-film which becomes intriguingly meta on several…

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