If you’re a fan of my company’s Facebook page or Twitter feed, then you probably already know that I was an early-adopter of the MoVI M10. And for those of you who aren’t in the film industry, the MoVI is the first-of-its-kind handheld stabilizer which allows the camera to move smoothly without the need for dolly track. It’s based on technology from the remote-controlled helicopter world, but re-imagined to be operated as a handheld device closer to Earth.

I was soooo excited when I got my email notice that my MoVI would be ready in the next two weeks and that Freefly was ready for me to make my final payment. Soon, my new toy, codenamed Volaré, would arrive. When the package arrived, I took the obligatory unboxing photos, and then set out to shoot my first MoVI shot. I had a little bravado (okay, a lot of bravado)…

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