Great words on what can be a difficult subject for people looking into photography, or stepping up from a pro-sumer to a pro 🙂 I’ve been working on a Canon 60D since 2011 and it has done me very proud, using the lens focal distance multiplication to my advantage when I found my old Nikon F301 and a manual 50mm F/1.4. Aperture sorted a Nikon to EOS adapter and done, I had effectively an 80mm lens with a beautiful picture. I’m stepping up to a 5Diii early next month for videography as its cinematic super35 aesthetic is gorgeous!

nicole c white

What’s this about digital cameras? For a long while I’d been shooting mostly film, but then I upgraded my little Pentax K-x to a used Canon 5D and I’m in love with it. The Pentax has an APS-C sensor (“Advanced Photo System, Type C”), which means that the sensor is smaller than the standard frame of a 35mm negative, which means that the camera can be 1) smaller and lighter, and 2) less expensive. Nothing wrong with these things exactly, but if you’re switching back and forth between film and digital, the difference between APS-C and full frame can be really jarring. Because the APS-C sensor is smaller it has what’s called a “crop factor,” which actually changes the effective focal length of lenses. My Pentax has a crop factor of about 1.5, meaning if there’s a 50mm lens on the camera, the actual effective focal length is 50 x…

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