This is so true, I’m trying to spread the word about how powerful the medium of video is, and how it can help not only your business but also protect and remember memories!

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Video shoot

Photo: CalypsoCrystal (CC)

The right equipment will give you the best audio and video quality, even in the field.

Video can be compelling. It can show off your personality and engage an audience in ways text and photos can’t. It can convey complex information in minutes through great visuals and narration.

And it can be a pain in the ass.

Before you roll cameras on incorporating videos into your digital storytelling, let me give you some direction on what role it should play in your business.

Strategy No. 1: On the cheap

What’s involved: A smartphone, a YouTube account, a tripod (optional).

Pros: A great way to get started quickly, shooting short selfie videos on the fly. Shoot, upload to YouTube, share on social media, done. Costs next to nothing if you already have a phone.

Cons: You have to be willing to show your informal side to the world…

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