Urgh.. I hate not being able to make up my mind about what equipment to get, as it is so hard to tell without good experience and field testing, getting to know the kit before you buy it. I’m having this problem with the Samyang Cine Lenses.

They look fantastic, well constructed lenses, fully manual in a range of focal lengths and de-clicked apertures from T1.5. This however is the question; would it be better to buy the Samyang Cine Lens kit, or a 24-70, 70-200 f2.8 IS (with the samyang 14mm and 85mm)???

I’m predominantly a videographer, but I enjoy having the flexibility of zoom lenses, especially for ENG style work, live event filming etc, and the fixed aperture and stabilization is key for video. So, a couple of fast zooms seems sensible to keep in the kit bag for everyday use.

However, what about for those sharp, cinematic, shallow depth of field shots that can only be achieved with a cine lens..


Any advice, please share! Ooh and check out the link below for a similar situation if you are stuck like me!



2 thoughts on “Samyang cine lenses getting my head in a tizz

  1. I understand your dilemma, for live events as you say a couple of zoom lenses will get you covered. You can always buy one fast 50mm prime for low light situations and when you have time to setup the shot.

    1. Exactly, I’m used to having the flexibility of crash zooming if I need to.. Got an old manual Nikkor F1.4 50mm from an F301 for portraiture and shots that require a shallow DoF, so I think I may be alright with the 14mm for ultra-wides and the 85mm for cinematic portraiture. I think if I really find the need for a 24 or 35mm T1.5 then it would be better for me to invest in those later (as they are a lower cost) instead of finding myself short of focal distance on a shoot and forking out a couple of grand on zooms. Its a hard one.

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