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What a weekend + New Hoya Filters!

I had a great wedding-full weekend, Friday was a wedding at Surrey National Golf Club, lovely day, followed by a wedding fair for John Harris Wedding Films at Bourne Hall! It was lovely to chat with Laura from Cupake-a-licious, and she treated me to a box of these beauties! I will be seeing Laura at her wedding in Jan, we are filming it!

Epsom and Ewell-20130929-00274 IMG-20130927-00269

Hoya have also announced a new range of filters called ‘REVO’, that are made out of ‘chemically enhanced glass’ to make it ultra strong and resistant to the elements, scratches, water  etc. The video Intro2020 produced wasn’t that convincing, but the specs weigh it up.

Hoya Filters

I currently only have a Polaroid gradual ND filter for my Tamron 17-50, which is awesome, but I will definitely be looking into better protection with the new lenses. Whats the point in buying decent glass if you’re not going to look after it!


Whoops.. And there goes me forgetting the immersive blog again, I’ve been listening to this –

<Love Yann Tiersen />

and eating budget chinese!


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Adam Plowden is a videographer and motion graphics artist from Surrey. He graduated with a 1st BSc. Hons in Television and Video Technology, after realizing his creative passion for media. Being a motivated opportunist, he’s had the pleasure of working with many companies and brands producing cinematic immersive videos and media, gaining industry experience, a vast skill set and recognition in the industry; recently winning an honorary membership to the IET and the Engineering Student Award from the IABM.

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