David Suddaby, Director of Photography/Cinematographer Toronto


I finished shooting a project with Elle Magazine where I used both of Fuji’s Cabrio lenses. “Cabrio” is in reference to a small, compact convertible sports car and the naming probably has something to do with the lens’s small size and ability to “convert” with or without the zoom rockers.

In short, these lenses are the first to bridge video and cine production worlds because they feature a removable handgrip/zoom rocker so you can shoot ENG-style or cine-style. Both lenses are much shorter and lighter than full sized cine-zooms of the same focal length. For my application, they were the perfect choice because I needed a super-35 look but had to shoot ENG style and not stop the action too much.  We removed both zoom rockers so I could accommodate a preston follow focus but I still needed a zoom lens that was physically compact and lightweight (less than six pounds)  and…

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