What a weekend + New Hoya Filters!

I had a great wedding-full weekend, Friday was a wedding at Surrey National Golf Club, lovely day, followed by a wedding fair for John Harris Wedding Films at Bourne Hall! It was lovely to chat with Laura from Cupake-a-licious, and she treated me to a box of these beauties! I will be seeing Laura at her wedding in Jan, we are filming it!

Epsom and Ewell-20130929-00274 IMG-20130927-00269

Hoya have also announced a new range of filters called ‘REVO’, that are made out of ‘chemically enhanced glass’ to make it ultra strong and resistant to the elements, scratches, water  etc. The video Intro2020 produced wasn’t that convincing, but the specs weigh it up.

Hoya Filters

I currently only have a Polaroid gradual ND filter for my Tamron 17-50, which is awesome, but I will definitely be looking into better protection with the new lenses. Whats the point in buying decent glass if you’re not going to look after it!


Whoops.. And there goes me forgetting the immersive blog again, I’ve been listening to this – https://soundcloud.com/flcn/yann-tiersen-childhood-2-good-bye-lenin

<Love Yann Tiersen />

and eating budget chinese!


What do YOU want to know about Video, Editing, Graphics, Audio, Live?

I’ve had my fair share of experience over the last couple of years, working in many different situations from audio engineering at the London 2012 Olympic Games, to single filming the Prime Minister of Kuwait, to weddings, to motion graphics and more.

I can write about pretty much any of the above situations, the camera skills and techniques used as well as anything else really, but I want to hear from YOU so you can learn from this blog!

What do you want me to write about? Do you have any questions about the video and media industry or its practices?

Contact me so I can help!!

Thinking about Audio?

One big problem that lots of solo or freelance videographers stumble across is sound. It is easy for some to focus only on the visuals, rather than both the visuals and audio; one has to remember that a piece of media is 50/50 between V and A, so capturing crisp and audible sound is just as important as in focus, well exposed images.
I’ve had countless problems with sound over the years, more recently I have found practical solutions using the Zoom H4N, but before I had access to that portable stereo recorder I used a Rode VideoMic.
Many newbies will be famililar with it; a standard on-camera shotgun mic with ok quality.. Very ok to the sub standard level. One issue I’ve always had with it is the amount of background room noise, but Adobe Audition does a reasonably good job of removing the sound print from the signal.

However, all that terrible tech is about to change as Zoom have begun shipping their all new H6; a 6 channel portable recorder, with interchangeable mic capsules! I’ve just watched the test + review from B&H and it looks incredible, and it would be hard to forget fantastic quality sound with that bulky piece of kit in the bag!
I’ve been in contact with the Zoom team so lets hope I can get my hands on one soon!




Frank, troubled mannequin shop owner, struggles to repress his sexually-motivated, murderous urges as he wanders the streets of New York City. When he meets a beautiful female photographer, what begins as a friendship, quickly escalates into something dangerous and sinister, and his urges become increasingly more uncontrollable.

Maniac, a remake of the 1980s William Lustig slasher of the same name, smashed me in the face right from the opening moments, even before the big red letters above this review proclaim the film’s name. In recent violent horror movies, I haven’t been that abjectly affected by the scenes of gore; Evil Dead and The Loved Ones, while being enjoyably graphic, both teetered on the edge of over the top. Maniac, on the other hand, contains multiple scenes of heightened violence, gore and torture, all of which are bowel-churningly effective. There were points during this horror film where I…

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Air Reel Cinema @ BC Bike Race

Air Reel Cinema

(The video above is for demonstration purposes only)

In July 2013 Air Reel Cinema had to opportunity to shoot 7 days of aerials for BC’s biggest mountain bike race. The 7 day stage race moves across coastal BC starting on Vancouver Island and finishing in Whistler.  Air Reel Cinema was in the sky covering all the action every day. Check out the Video above to see all the amazing aerial shots.


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